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Kyary billboard in Harajuku.

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Artist: KZA
Trackname: Contacto De Cuerpo
Album: Let's Get Lost Vol. 2

So my attempts at recapping the Japan trip unfortunately petered off into a bit of an anticlimax but I was planning on making this post before so I’ll attempt to wrap things up nicely.

We decided for our main day with Dana to head to Harajuku because we had yet to go there, and it would be any easy trip from there to the Studio Ghibli Museum we planned to spend our afternoon at. Sadly, luck was not on our side because the weather was not very good that day, and rain + shopping = not so much fun. But we still had a good time, helped by the excellent company of course (and our next morning in Shibuya was far more pleasant).

For me, the highlight of our time in Harajuku was when we randomly came upon this very cool music store called Beams. It was tiny, but full of great music, as evident by the store manager’s excellent CD choices. By this stage, I was pretty broke, but ended up asking him for the CD he was currently playing so I could at least buy one thing. (If I ever have a chance to return, I am definitely going back to buy more).

It worked out well for me, because the CD happened to be a compilation of disco tracks, and I’ve been meaning to get more into disco lately. My favourite track is the one I’ve posted here, and I’ve since bought another album by the artist, KZA. It’s very cool, and Aaru you can expect some tracks from it on the next CD I make you. I dunno how pleased you’ll be by it, but give it a chance! And G, please ask Duncan for some good song/artist recommendations for me ^^

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At Tashie’s University in Gifu

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